"With so many choices today for pet care it’s hard to know who to call.  As a mother myself,

I certainly wouldn’t hire just anyone to care for our Yorkshire Terrier, our rescue mix and our kooky cat; after all, they are part of our family.    Each one of our “kids” are unique and have specific needs. So when I get a new call from someone just like me, it makes me smile because I know exactly how the person feels!    Clients need to trust that our family is going to take great care of their family, period.  And that’s the quality standard we deliver each and every time.  A very simple business model that continues to make us one of the most referred and trusted choices in the community".

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Jennifer Lee Wilson is a graduate of the SF SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers.  She is a Certified Dog Trainer and Behavior Counselor earning her degree under the direction of renowned Author and world class dog expert; Jean Donaldson.   Since 1998, Jennifer has owned and operated national divisions of A Lucky Dog, traveling coast to coast teaching others to pursue their dreams of successfully working with dogs.   She is proud to call Penryn, CA her home.

Jennifer-Lee Wilson

At A Lucky Dog, we strive to be a leader in Professional Pet Care by providing a reliable, convenient service from a knowledgeable trustworthy team.

We know that dogs are much more than pets, they are family members. Dogs capture our hearts, share our homes and in many cases are given the same status as our children. That's why choosing the right care for them is important.

Loving owners know that dogs, even the smaller breeds, require a fair amount of exercise and stimulation.  They also need proper training and socialization to stay happy, healthy and well mannered.

A Lucky Dog can help ensure that your dog is well cared for while you are away.  Whether it is for overnight vacation care or just for the day, our services were created to comfort, educate and exercise our four-legged friends.   We offer a wide variety of pet services to ensure your dog lives a well-balanced life.  

About Us 

Family owned and operated since 1998

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Our Mission

​A Lucky Dog understands that you need to feel confident when entrusting our team with your pets and home. 
That is why we offer a consultation to every new client.​

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We’ll go out of our way to take care of any new clients you refer to our services.  We’ll send an email on your behalf telling them about A Lucky Dog.  Don’t worry, no email addresses are permanently recorded and we never send “spam”.